Visit Bucharest E-bike Tour

Ebike tour with a guide  in the moast iconic places in Bucharest

  • Groups of 3 or more people
  • Duration 2 - 4 H
  • Price: 120 RON/pers

Bike Rent is proposing a tour starting in Splaiul Independentei nr 2 j, heading towords Izvor park

Here we have a good view of 

Palace of the Parliament  also known as The People’s House is the second largest civil administrative building in the world according toWorld Records Academy

The construction of the building started in 1983 and was finished in 1997.

  • lenght – 270 metri
  • widh – 245 metri
  • height – 86 m
  • depth – 92 metri
  • the surface built to the ground – 66.000 square meters

The building has 9 floors above the ground and 9 floors in the ground.

After this we head to 

Cismigiu park , the oldest Public Garden in Bucharest made in 1847 by Wilhelm Mayer the Director of the Imperial Garden in Viena

From the park we can see the City Hall of Bucharest , situated in a old and beautifull building.

We leave the park and hesd to Victoriei bulevard where we have to stop to a place full of history :

The Revolution Squere

Was named like this during the Romanian Revolution , in 1989 when Romania escaped comunism.

We pedal along Victoriei Bulevard  and get to 

Victoriei Squere

this was the stage of the latest protests against the government 

Going towords Herastrau park we can see one of the most beautifull bulevards in Bucharest and on its side’s old  houses , moast of them public buildings.

We arrive in Herastra park thru Charles de Gaule squere and we start our tour arround the Herastrau lake.

Next in the list is The Arch de Triumf

Made in 1922 it commemorates Romania’s victory in WW1.

After this we head to Victoriei squere thru Kiselef bulevard, the bulevard that is populated of moast of the wold embassies in Romania.

We pedal along Victoriei streed again and we finish our tour in The Old City.



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